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Tallinn weather

Warm summers and snowy winters

Weather in Tallinn



The summer skies are blue with daytime temperatures hovering around 19 to 21 °C, reaching even 28° C and nighttime temperatures averaging between 9.6 to 12.7 °C from June to August. The warmest and also wettest month of the year  is usually July, with an average of 17.2 °C and 70 mm of rainfall.  Although the nights are cooler, there can be up to 19 hours of daylight, locally knows as the “white nights”. The weather in Estonia is largely dictated by its closeness to the Baltic sea. Pirita beach, about 10 km from city centre,  is very popular among locals and the sea water is warm enough to swim in from June to September, with water temperatures ranging from 19-24 degrees Celcius.

Light rain can fall in spring and autumn and temperatures range form 5-15 degrees, so bring an umbrella and warm waterproof jacket.



Tallinn transforms into magical winter wonderland when the rain turns to snow as temperatures drops below zero in November. This makes for ideal skiing weather, great for sledging and building snowmen too! – all of which you have plenty of opportunities to try – so wrap up warm.
Medieval old town Tallinn is picture postcard perfect when the buildings are topped with snow, especially when visiting in Decemeber when Tallinn Chistmas Market takes over the Town Hall Square.

If you are looking for adventure it’s good to know that some winters allow the ice roads to be opened between mainland and the islands – the chance to drive over the frozen sea is well worth the 1,5h drive from Tallinn.


Although summer months are clearly tourists favourites for visiting, don’t let Tallinn’s weather  distract you – there is fun to be had and sights to enjoy on every season! With less competition for hotelbeds among ohter perks, the rest of the year offers unique opportunities to discover the real beat of the city!

Tallinn weather forecast

23.08.2017 12–18 Light rain 17°
18–24 Rain 18°
24.08.2017 00–06 Light rain 16°
06–12 Rain 16°
12–18 Heavy rain 18°
18–24 Heavy rain 16°
25.08.2017 00–06 Heavy rain 14°
06–12 Partly cloudy 13°
12–18 Light rain 16°
18–24 Light rain 14°
26.08.2017 00–06 Rain 13°
03–09 Light rain showers 12°
09–15 Rain 13°
15–21 Rain 14°
21–03 Partly cloudy 11°
27.08.2017 03–09 Fair 11°
09–15 Partly cloudy 11°
15–21 Cloudy 14°
21–03 Partly cloudy 12°
28.08.2017 03–09 Cloudy 11°
09–15 Partly cloudy 11°
15–21 Cloudy 15°
21–03 Cloudy 13°
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